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Here at Bloc Yard, we are more than happy to help your child celebrate their birthday with friends at our gym. Call us at (509) 822-7604, email us at info@blocyardbouldering.com, or come in to schedule your party today!


To plan a birthday party at Bloc Yard we need…

$50 NON-Refundable Deposit at time of scheduling (This comes out of the $200 Staff Supervised Party Price). It is REQUIRED to reserve a party time slot. Without this you cannot schedule a party.

Time Slots are as follows for Saturday and Sunday*:

10am – 12pm

1pm – 3pm

4pm – 6pm (time slot not available on Sundays)

*Special exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. Please call us or come in and talk to us if you think this is you.

$200 Staff Supervised Party – up to 10 climbers(Balance due on date of party)

$15 Per Additional Child (after 10 Children, including Birthday boy/girl, price includes shoe rental)

$30 Staffing Fee  Staff Supervised Parties over 15 children will require an extra staff member to be present for safety

NOTE: Shoe rentals ARE included in the party price. You and your guests aren’t required to wear climbing shoes, but they do help a lot when climbing.


Is your child interested in

being on a competitive

climbing team?

Look no further than The Bloc Yard! We are starting up our youth team this fall and would love to have your child join us. Read below for more information


Practices are 3x a week, but we will only require your child to attend 2 per week. Unforeseen scheduling conflicts as well as other scheduling problems interfering with practices will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Practice Times are as follows         Mon 4 – 6pm         Wed 4 – 6pm         Thurs 4 – 6pm

General Info:

Bouldering Season as outlined by USA Climbing (the governing body of youth climbing in the USA) consists of local, regional, divisional, and national competitions. Coaches will structure practices in order to best prepare team members to compete in these competitions, as well as to help them reach their individual goals. Competitions are not mandatory, but they are extremely fun and provide a positive environment for kids to learn more about climbing and push themselves in the sport! Our main goal as coaches is to help your child reach their potential, whether that be physically or mentally! We will work hard to create a challenging and positive environment where kids can grow and learn through the sport of bouldering. You can find more information about competitions and youth climbing at http://www.usaclimbing.org/


$49 monthly EFT Student Gym Membership $35 monthly Youth Team Membership and Coaching fee $350  Kit containing climbing shoes, competition jersey and hoodie, Team logo backpack, skin care kit and chalk bucket. This will be mandatory for all Team members. Total: $84 (+tax) a month + $350 Kit Price (one time fee).


Please Call (509) 822-7604 or stop by the gym (233 E. Lyons Ave, Spokane, WA 99208) to sign-up or ask us more information about the team. The team sign-up deadline is September 19, 2019.

New Team members are welcome. There will be an open house on Thursday August 8, 2019 from 5:00pm-7:00pm. Please email admin@baguilar.com for any questions, concerns or exceptions!






Homeschool Climbing Class

Calling all homeschoolers! Looking for a fun and unique way to get your kids active throughout the school year? Bloc Yard now provides a class specifically for you. This class will introduce the basics of bouldering in an active, healthy, and social environment. Youth ages 8-18 are welcome. All equipment provided.

*Due to the current guidelines we are not offering our Homeschool Class at the moment.

*This program does NOT run throughout the summer.


Homeschool Climbing Class Details

Thank you for your interest in our homeschooling classes. 
Our home school classes will be offered to ages 8-18 years old.
Classes will start on Thursday, September 12. 2019. from 12:00pm-1:30pm. 
$20.00 per student for each class.  Fees include shoes and chalk rental.  
What to bring:
Clothes that you can move in,
Water bottle,
A healthy snack, 
A good attitude.
















Bloc Yard Bouldering Gym is open Mon-Fri 10am-10pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-6pm